Historic Women Adventurers

Leaving a lasting impact on Environmental and National Park Preservation in the United States

Isabel Bassett Wasson, a geologist, was one of the early female Rangers at Yellowstone National Park

Lower Yellowstone Falls as seen on our adventure tours

Our company mission focuses on travel in small groups, along the back roads of […]
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Travel in Spring and Summer – See Young Wildlife in the Western US

Our national and state parks, monuments, and wildlands provide an important habitat for a wide array of wildlife, and during the months of May and June many animals can be spotted with their offspring on our adventure tours throughout the Western USA. We are very lucky to be able to travel in small, respectful groups […]
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Canyon Region and National Park Area Movies and Documentaries

Winter cold has arrived, and for many adventure travelers this is the time to relax with a cup of tea, a cozy blanket and an exciting movie. I love seeing familiar places on screen and there is nothing more quintessential to American films as the canyon regions of Utah and Arizona.

These unique and arresting […]
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Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

Long before I first stepped foot in the beautiful US wilderness, before I marveled at the canyons, stood under towering saguaro cactus and felt dwarfed by our mountain ranges, there were people here that treated the earth gently, who lived in harmony with nature.  Honoring Native American Heritage as a white European immigrant has special […]
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Adventure Off the Beaten Path – BBB A+ Rating

Since 2008 we have been active members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and recently they published this wonderful article “Adventure Off the Beaten Path” on their website about Travel Dream West.  Here in the USA BBB membership is a way that businesses can show their commitment to high standards and transparency.

Travel Dream […]
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Solar Eclipse on our Pacific Northwest Tour


Where will you be during the complete solar Eclipse?

 On August 21 2017, the moon will pass between the earth and the sun, creating a complete solar eclipse, visible in a narrow band across the United States – the first time a total solar eclipse has swept across the continental US from Pacific […]
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Crater Lake National Park – Small Group Adventures

It is a bit off the beaten path, but well worth the beautiful drive into Crater Lake National Park, and on our tours we add in stops along the way that highlight the wilderness of the surrounding region.

No matter how many times I have seen its image on post cards, t-shirts, paintings and even […]
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United States of America – A Welcoming Nation for Visitors and Immigrants

We, representatives of the United States of America, embody the values of a diverse, beautiful nation, many of us descendants of immigrants (or immigrants ourselves), some of us Native Americans, all of us with a rich cultural history that shows itself throughout the fabric of our country.  Multiculturalism defines us.  Embracing people from other Nations […]
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Announcing Tour Dates for 2017. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dates and Rates for 2017 (click here) are on our site, we’ve made some exciting updates to our itineraries to continue offering you the most unique small group tours in the Western USA! Come join us for an adventure.

As flames leap in fireplaces, frost graces lawns and days grow shorter families throughout the USA […]
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Rates and Dates 2017 now available!

Prepare for a small group adventure in 2017, with bookings for next season available now!  See our Dates and Rates page for an overview of our offerings for 2017, from short one week guided excursions to three week adventures that visit the best National Parks of the West.

Join our Yellowstone Winter Tour, January 14th – […]
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