Planning for your Adventure Tour - Guided Travel Tours


• Meals
• Luggage
• Arriving at the Tour
• Flight Information
• Tour Language
• Bringing Medication
• Identification
• Packing Tips

Our adventure tour groups stay at comfortable, safe hotels. They range from two to three star hotels and provide a relaxing place to stay the night- however, they are not luxury accommodations. Occasionally you will spend the night at rustic, unique and historical hotels. You can arrive at the hotel on the first day of the tour and we will usually have our first group meeting at the hotel that evening. Check-in at most hotels starts at 2:00pm. If you arrive before this time please realize that your room may not be ready, and if possible advise us of your early arrival so that we can do our best to arrange accommodation. On all of our tours we recommend that you get to the tour site a day or two in advance. This gives you a chance to relax after your flight and ensures that you arrive at the tour start on time. If you would like us to book you an extra night or two just mention this when making your tour reservation. In most cases we will arrange transportation for you from the airport to the hotel at the start of your guided travel tours.

Tours include some breakfast, usually continental breakfast at the hotel. If you have specific dietary restrictions we will do what we can to accommodate these, please mention any restrictions when you reserve your spot, but the breakfast is standard. Lunch and dinner is not included with the tour price (except as noted on your schedule). We will stop at mid-range restaurants and occasionally will provide a picnic or barbecue for you. Often you will have two or three restaurants to choose from.

Due to limited space on our adventure tour bus you are restricted to one bag weighing no more than 50lbs and one small handbag or purse. You will be responsible for taking your bag into the hotel at night and bringing it back for your driver to load in time for the daily morning departure. Please remember to pack light. There are Laundromats at several of the hotels on each tour, and valet laundry service is often available.

Arriving at your guided travel tours:
You are responsible for your own arrival at the tour start destination. Please give yourself plenty of time. If you are not there for the start of the tour it will regrettably begin without you, without a refund. It will then be up to you to find a way to join up with the group, though of course we will do our best to help you. As soon as you have booked your flight please send us your arrival details. This will allow us to send a shuttle to pick you up and bring you to the airport. This complementary service is available only upon reservation and may not be possible in all instances, in which case we will advise you to take a taxi.

Flight Information:
You are responsible for reserving your own flight, but we are happy to help you in this process. We can assist you in finding good deals. If you are coming from Europe we have a travel agent there who can find you a good price and cancellation policy. Please contact us if you need any assistance with your flight. Remember to check your airlines specific luggage restrictions. Changes are constantly being enforced and it is important that you are aware of new developments. If you don’t know where to look for updated information contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Adventure Travel Tour Language:
The majority of our small group tours are in English and / or German. In many instances our guides will be fluent in both and we will accept mixed groups which we believe will encourage cultural exchange and add to the uniqueness of the tour experience. If you do not speak one of these languages or would like a group guided in another language please contact us for possible options.

Bringing Medication:
We recommend that you bring all necessary medications with you since it is unlikely that you can get these while on the tour. Make certain you have enough for the tour duration and a few extra days. You are responsible for your own health. Please tell us about any health related issues before the tour start date. We will make every effort to accommodate passengers with disabilities but due to the nature of our tours there are certain unavoidable limitations. Also, for prescription medications, make certain that you carry your prescription with you. Throughout our tours if an emergency should arise we will transport you to a hospital or organize transportation for you at your own cost. Make certain that your health insurance is up-to-date and covers you while you travel.

If you are from the USA please bring your drivers license or state issued I.D. If you are from outside of the USA please keep your passport with you. On some of our tours we may be required to pass through border checks. Remember- always carry extra copies of your important documents separately and leave a copy at home. This will greatly aid replacement incase of theft or loss.

Packing Tips:
Pack light! You probably need less than you think. For each of our guided travel tours we will be sending you an information packet. This will include suggestions on seasonal clothing and important items. Remember you are limited to one suitcase or bag, not to exceed 50lbs in weight, and one purse or handbag.

  • Bring comfortable shoes and casual clothes. A variety of hikes and activities are part of all our tours. Dress comfortably.
  • Don’t forget your camera and film (make sure you pack your film in hand luggage when flying as checked luggage is x-rayed.)
  • Bring your ID and keep copies of all your important documents separately. Leave a copy at home with family or friends.
  • A travel alarm clock will be useful in helping you meet morning departures.
  • Sunglasses, a hat, toiletries, aspirin, etc. are all good items to bring.
  • You might appreciate a good book, a CD/cassette player or laptop. You will have free-time to relax on most of our tours and you might enjoy having these items for the drives between places.

Please contact us with questions about any of our adventure tours. By e-mail we will usually get back to you within 24 hours. At Travel Dream West Tours you can be assured of fast, efficient service and our knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer your inquiries. Whether you are planning to customize a group tour of your own or joining one of our pre-set tours we will be here to help you from beginning to end, assuring that you have a wonderful tour experience.