Eco-Tourism - Preserving the Landscapes we Love

Ecotourism: Our responsibility to respectful and sustainable group travel

At Travel Dream West, we work to to provide a responsible, sustainable, and unforgettable travel experience.

Sustainable tourism is an important focus at Travel Dream West Tours, where authentic experiences and a “leave no trace” motto help to preserve our natural environment while immersing you in the nature, wildlife and culture of the Western USA on small group tours.  Our tours inspire understanding and appreciation for the many National Parks and wilderness areas that we visit, and by supporting these locations we assure that they will be protected for future generations to come.

Americans have always been awed by the landscapes and inspired to preserve them. Each of our national and state parks has a story of concerned citizens organizing to protect and preserve these extraordinary places in their natural wild state.  Our Western USA Eco-Tours reflect our respect for the unique natural and cultural regions we visit.

We recognize that all tourism will have an effect on these ecosystems, so we work to minimize our environmental impact through eco-conscious travel, as a group and as individuals.  We believe that the inspirational and educational value of visiting these places leads us to be more environmentally conscientious citizens of the world, and we try to travel in such a way that this opportunity outweighs our small impact.

Respect and sustainability on our group tours

At Travel Dream West we do our part to respect and preserve the natural environments our small groups visit.

We take our environmental responsibility seriously. Here are some of the ways we work to make our small group travel experiences sustainable, educational and accessible.


Our guides are knowledgeable about the unique environments, and trained in the “Leave No Trace” ethics developed by the National Park service to promote engagement and preservation of the natural wonders of the United States. Our education and training informs our tour planning, and we make sure to share our knowledge about theses ecosystems and their preservation.


Respecting Wildlife

We have the opportunity to travel through the natural habitats of many animals, like bear, bison, antelope, hawks, elk and wolves. We love to see and photograph wildlife but we want to keep the animals wild and safe, so we are careful to keep our distance, drive very carefully, and make sure to learn about the unique concerns of the plants and animals in each region we visit.  We believe that this wonderful opportunity comes with a responsibility to the animals and their natural environment.


Sustainable Travel in Small Groups

Small groups allow us to minimize our impact, and tailor each tour to the season, weather and needs of our guests. Small group adventures also make for better opportunities to view and explore national parks and wilderness areas, and get acquainted with local people and fellow travelers.


Staying Local
Whenever we can, we stay at small locally own hotels and lodges, and visit locally owned restaurants, where we have developed personal relationships.  This stimulates the local economy of the small towns we visit and supports companies with a smaller impact. It’s also a great way for our guests to experience local culture whether it is Navajo Tacos and Native American Dancing in Monument Valley Nevada or sleeping in an old fashioned (and very comfortable) covered wagon on a ranch in Northern Utah.


Reducing Waste

We know that plastic bottles and disposable plates and cutlery are a big source of waste for travelers, so we provide reusable dishes for our picnics and wash them after each meal.   We also provide each of our guests with a reusable water bottle, we know the best sources and wells to keep them filled.

starfish and other tide pool creatures

A tide pool in Bandon, Oregon showing a delicate ecosystem that we’re careful to preserve.

A grizzly bear on a stump.

A wild grizzly bear in his native habitat.

Sustainable travel and tourism with Travel Dream West Tours

Picnics with washable plates and utensils, refillable bottles and recyclable products.

The Western USA has a lot to offer, from famous features like the Grand Canyon and the Giant Sequoias of Yosemite to the less known tidepools of the Pacific Northwest, we know this is something worth traveling to explore, and worth protecting for the future.