Solar Eclipse on our Pacific Northwest Tour

Solar Eclipse

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View of Mount Hood, from Central Oregon

Mount Hood, from Central Oregon


Where will you be during the complete solar Eclipse?

This year the Universe is throwing a special event for our small group tour of the Pacific Northwest.  On August 21 2017, the moon will pass between the earth and the sun, creating a complete solar eclipse, visible in a narrow band across the United States – the first time a total solar eclipse has swept across the continental US from Pacific to Atlantic in nearly a century! We are excited to take this opportunity to view this rare event in a beautiful, off the beaten track location. (And we will be providing protective eye glasses to assure you can see the eclipse safely!)

This gorgeous area hardly needs a great celestial event to make it a once in a lifetime travel experience.  A hidden gem, central Oregon offers an interplay of towering volcanoes, protected forests, wild rivers, and high desert. We make sure to include this unspoiled area on several of our tours. In August, we will be midway between Seattle and San Francisco, on our Pacific Northwest Explorer Tour.

On August 19th as we journey across the Pacific Northwest, we will be traveling from Oregon’s beautiful Pacific Coast, leaving behind tidepools and rugged picturesque coast line to travel inland into the volcanic Cascade mountains.

Ground Squirrel sitting on volcanic Obsidian

Ground Squirrel sitting on volcanic Obsidian

We will spend two nights at a charming locally owned inn on the McKenzie River.  The complete solar eclipse will occur mid-morning of August 21st.  A very early morning start will bring us to our viewing area within the range of the total solar eclipse, giving us a chance to observe the various stages of the eclipse with our safety glasses.

The Adventure doesn’t stop here. We will visit Oregon’s incredible Clear Lake, where 3,000 year old trees are visible, preserved in the clear icy waters of the lake. This amazing feature was formed when a lava flow from Sand Mountain collided with headwaters of the McKenzie River, blocking the south side of the river and creating a lake.  The trees submerged by the creation of the lake are clearly visible deep below the surface from the hiking trails and from boats on the lake.

We’ll also visit Crater Lake National Park the following morning, the deepest lake in the United States, and a destination worthy of wonder, with deep blue waters and a unique geologic history that your guide will share with you.

Dubbed the Great American Eclipse, this is a rare opportunity and as such, the Oregon Department of Transportation is expecting a major increase in traffic. We are doing our best to accommodate these predictions into our tour planning, but all our travel will be subject to the traffic conditions and we can’t make any guarantees about the specific viewing location or activities that we have planned that day.

You can learn more about our Pacific Northwest Explorer tour, traveling from San Francisco to Seattle Washington, or try one of our other tours that pass through these unique landscapes, shared with you by locals who know all the best Oregon secrets!


Sahalie Falls, Oregon

Sahalie Falls, Oregon

Clear Lake, Oregon

Clear Lake, Oregon