Oregon Nature Trails

Custom Oregon Nature Trails – Guided Walking and Hiking Tours through Oregon

Explore nature’s barely discovered paradise by walking Oregon’s trails along the Pacific coastline, through dense temperate rainforest, around volcanic peaks and through the open country of the high prairie where the Wild West is still alive.

The undiscovered American hiking paradise. Oregon is a very undeveloped state, and an area of endless natural beauty. From its towering Cascade mountains to jutting volcanoes, and from a quiet sand and rugged coastline with romantic lighthouses to the endless vistas of high desert country, Oregon offers the picturesque escape into the Wild West that so many outdoor adventure lovers dream about. Join us as we explore ancient forests thick with moss, mushrooms, ferns, unusual birds, wildlife and only us. Hike through canyons, under overhang-cascading waterfalls, then walk to a lake in a glacial valley, discover dinosaur fossils, swim in a cool alpine lake, share the path with true cowboys and watch the sunset over giant crashing waves.

Learn about and take part in America’s pioneer history on a walking and hiking tour through Oregon. In the mid-19th century, thousands of Eastern folks tried their luck on the famous Oregon Trail, looking for a fruitful land of paradise. Their treacherous journey brought them to this amazing state, where signs of their mining, herding, lumber and farming history lives on. Much remains untouched: high mountain wilderness lakes, rough volcanic coastlines with crashing waves, forests of enormous trees, fields of alpine flowers, churning rivers and lazy creeks; all this in one incredible state.

View of Mount Hood, from Central Oregon

Mount Hood, from Central Oregon



Top Attractions of the Oregon Nature Trails Hiking Tour:

  • Wander gorgeous and secluded Pacific beaches without a person in sight.
  • Hike small trails through untouched old growth forest and recent lava flows.
  • Discover the excitement and history of a wild west past that still exists today.
  • Walk a majestic volcano’s rim at Crater Lake National Park, be dwarfed by the tallest trees at Redwood State Park.
  • Mt. Hood, Mirror Lake
  • Ride to the historical gold-mining town of Sumpter on an original steam engine.
  • Oregon Coast Aquarium where Keiko was trained for release.
  • Walk the Oregon coastal sand dunes, largest in America.

All Tour Dates and Rates

Route Map: Oregon Hiking Trails, 14 day tour

Route Map: Oregon Hiking Trails, 14 day tour

View the Daily Schedule Itinerary 14 Days / 13 Nights

Dates and Rates

Oregon Nature Trails pricing 2021 – this tour has been combined with Oregon Trail Dreams:

If you have a group of individuals who would like to participate in this tour contact us for a private / custom tour quote.  Private tours can be arranged for any group size, and we can customize the itinerary to match your specific interests.

Prices – 14 days / 13 nights

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male elk in meadow

An elk photographed near the Oregon Coast

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Oregon Nature Trails – Tour Itinerary (14 days, 13 nights)
oregon walking trails collage

This tour schedule will give you an idea of the various locations we visit on this tour. We feature more information about our top attractions and include many of the places you may not have heard of before, giving you a good idea about what you can expect on these guided tours. Read about the various cities and national parks visited on this tour.


Our Accommodations

Country Inn PortlandEntrada Lodge, BendSumpter CabinStage Lodge 

Stay at  unique hotels in great locations on these tours of the Western USA
We assure that your stay is memorable at each location by choosing comfortable hotels with little extras.  For example, many have swimming pools, fitness facilities, internet access and a continental breakfast.  What’s more where possible we choose locations that provide you with access to nearby restaurants, sights and activities.  Our hotels are generally 2 star, a night or two in pleasant rustic accommodations are also included to give you a chance to really experience the west.  From our large city hotels to our personable small town locations this tour offers a wide variety of excellent accommodation.

Darlingtonia Preserve Oregon

Discover Oregon on hikes and walks Image Gallery- coming soon!
Our image gallery gives you a chance to experience some of our tour locations before you embark on this journey.  Be sure to bring along your camera- there are many chances for that perfect, memorable photograph.  From rugged coastline along the Pacific to the volcanic Cascades mountains these tours give you an opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful locations of the Northwest.  Take a look at our image gallery for inspiration!

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