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Explore the ruins of a lost civilization amidst the desert of the Southwest on our small group tour.

Wupatki National Monument is a unique site with its many ruins covering a large area, where as most pueblo preserves have one large main building. There are more than 800 identified ruins spread out across Wupatki and all of the pueblos are made of a distinctive red sandstone. All of the homes were inhabited by the Anasazi and Sinagua tribes of the 12th and 13th centuries. Early on in the 13th century the pueblos were abandoned, no one is certain as to why but it is believed that the Hopi tribe are the descendants of this culture. Wupatki represents a crossroads in time, where many different cultures have gathered over thousands of years. The remnants of those peoples lives and their abandoned homes are what Wupatki was preserved for, to understand and teach about that history. Walk along a beautiful trail with us as we give you a look into the society and culture of Wupatki.


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The main pueblo is the namesake of the park, Wupatki or ‘tall house’ in the Hopi language, a 3-storey structure that housed 300 people. It was built on the edge of a small plateau with a clear view of the east all the way to the Painted Desert and the Little Colorado River. Secondary is Wukoki, the ‘big house’ stands on an enormous boulder and is believed to have housed three families. Lomaki is the ‘beautiful house’ that sits on another amazing view. Then there is the Citadel ruin, an as yet unexcavated dig that shows decorative uses of various rocks in its construction. There are also many kivas, or underground ceremonial chambers, that have been excavated. Come and learn more about this amazing land and its colorful history on our exciting and informative Southwest Adventure Tour.


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